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SKILLBITES 017 Leading Across Cultures

SKILLBITES 017  Leading Across Cultures

SKILLBITES 017 Leading Across Cultures - $53.9

  • Welcome to SkillBites - Australasian Leadership Academy's (ALA) has developed a suite of eLearning content for self directed learning.
  • To connect across cultures, find out what you have in common
  • Description: Similarities are often the impetus for building relationships in our own culture, so it should come as no surprise that these commonalities help us to forge bonds with individuals from other cultures.
  • Leading across cultures
  • Description: Globalization is a reality. Once, only explorers and world travellers needed to be culturally knowledgeable, but now most of us work with people from different cultural backgrounds. Our variations in attitudes, beliefs, and communication styles present daily challenges for business leaders charged with managing across cultures. style.
  • How to praise across cultures
  • Description: Although praise is a universal practice, different cultures deliver praise in different ways. Keep your good intentions from backfiring by tailoring the way you approach and offer praise.
  • Going global and crossing cultures
  • Description: Companies don't go global; people go global. Crossing cultures requires those people to be thoughtful and self-aware.
  • Diversity at work: the Practice of Inclusion
  • Description: Outlining the key issues involved in framing, designing, and implementing inclusion initiatives for organizations and groups, this book shows how to apply the practices of inclusion and provides a unified model by employing diverse voices to address a range of related topics in multiple contexts.

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